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Explore a wide variety of workshops for all ages and experience levels. To find out more please contact Ebony today! 

Classical Ballet

Students will learn the foundational principals of body movement and form of the ballet technique. For beginners, pre-professionals and professionals alike, rigor and discipline for this technique is the core power to excel in this style. I prefer to teach an unbranded form of ballet although I myself was trained in both Vaganova and Cecchetti technique. All techniques have evolved so much throughout the years and companies are now looking for dancers that are versatile and ready for anything. I will focus on the fundamentals of ballet, from proper terminology, pronunciation, meaning, form, flexibility strength and coordination. After developing sufficient strength for basic ballet technique dancers then begin to learn pointe technique and partnering. Pointe technique and partnering is also offered for all levels.


Contemporary Ballet

Incorporating elements of both classical ballet and modern dance while allowing more freedom then commonly used within the styles makes this class a favorite for young dancers. Inspiring a greater range of movement without being constrained to the defined lines of traditional ballet. (My class is heavily influenced by European style contemporary.) I do not suggest taking this class without the fundamentals of ballet although it is possible without it. We will focus on using the refined lines learned but encouraging free flow and rounder more grounded movement. Exploring floor work, improvisation and partnering will also be key to gaining trust in oneself as an artist. In order to break the rules you must feel free enough to do so. Contemporary is also offered using pointe technique.


Contemporary Funk

This class is influenced by 10 years of my experience with the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet Company, combining many of the contemporary ingredients that I’ve learned from my favorite choreographers and teachers, mixed with my own funky flair. My main goal is to help my students find freedom within the constraints of technical movement through imagery and improvisation. I will teach tools that will help convey a story with honesty and vulnerability without forgetting clarity and dynamics. It takes a true professional to include all of these elements into a performance effortlessly, and that is the objective. The educational process includes, a warm-up lead by myself an improvisation warm-up and across the floor movement that relates to the concluding combination that follows.


Contemporary Heels

Who says that we can’t put heels on and still give a line. In fact, that’s exactly the magic of wearing a heel well. Yes, we know that the knees need to remain straight and feet beveled without sickling, but there are more possibilities. This contemporary heels class will expose your capability of taking a risk in a heel. Perfect for the versatile dancer who wants to combined it all. I will take the elements learned from contemporary and classical movement and mix it with sexy hiphop and street jazz. The class will include a contemporary style warm-up that will evolve into a sexy, own your power strut and teach one to be aware, of your line in a heel. Through improvisation you will be lead to take risks in your heels by taking the space using various levels including floor work. This lesson is concluded with a choreographed combination that will leave you feeling like a boss in a heel that is ready for anything.



All women know that there is a certain confidence that comes when you put on your favorite pair of heels. This is not true for all women. This class is concentrated on teaching woman how to move with elegance and sex appeal. Exciting and fun for young dancers, semi professionals and even the average woman. It is so important to feel fierce and look amazing while hitting every beat. Are you ready to get in Formation and move with ease in a heel like they were a pair of sneakers? We will began with a warm-up and stretch to get the body grounded and the joints lubricated to prevent injury. Our warm-up will be followed by an across the floor combination and walk sequence for self-assurance in your individuality. Then finishing with a sexy combo that will be a reflection of all that was talked about throughout the lesson. Every aspect is designed for you to leave feeling more powerful than you did before entering the room.



A favorite to the young dancers, in this class we work on more then just steps. It’s about personality, dynamics, musicality and pure fun. How can you make yourself stand out in the crowd at an audition? I will give the students tools that will have them seen through a sea of dancers, while getting grounded and grooving to popular music to date. Beginning with a warm-up, a stretch, choreographed combination and ended with a supportive freestyle dance circle.



These are lesson’s built for the individual. Concentrating on the specific areas in which the client is in need. Focusing on any style that is offered by my services ballet, contemporary, modern, hiphop, heels or just artistry. Perfect for anyone who has difficulty working in large groups or have anxiety about picking up combinations quickly when learning with others. You will learn on your time one on one with me.


Artist Development

I have been very fortunate in my career to have worked with the top artist in the entertainment industry from Jennifer Hudson to Beyoncé. If you are a singer, model, actress or aspiring to be, this is the perfect process for you. Artist development is not about teaching choreography. Instead, it’s to help find what works for you. We will explore what you have naturally that can make you unique as an artist. Gaining the confidence to move freely when performing, you will leave with coordination, rhythm and flexibility for the mind and body. Allowing a clear understanding and your vision to shine for your audience.



This is on an individual bases, relating to dancers, models, singers, directors, production companies, special events and more. Services offered are solos, duets, trios, group dances and movement coaching. Working for music videos, film, live shows, competitions, photo shoots or personal events.